Millennials and the Potential Fall of American Cities


Three seismic shifts, in housing, transportation and employment, deserve blame for the fall of the American city.

Suburbs and highways, it seems, are always at the center of the conversation. The decentralization of jobs isn’t as easy to see; it has no well-worn symbol, like the green fields of subdivisions or the canyons of urban expressways. Perhaps job sprawl flies under the radar for just that reason: Skyscrapers, our most visible icons of employment, have continued to sprout even in otherwise dead downtowns like Hartford and Little Rock.

But that’s not where the jobs are anymore.



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The Tornado Tower

The Tornado Tower

Tornado Tower 

A young Sweden based architecture firm Visiondivision believes in strong concepts and constantly re-investigating their role as architects by always pushing the limits of their field of work and the strategies of their design. Tornado, is an entry for an opera competition in Taiwan which was a collaboration with Markus Wagner, a member of Svensk Standard. This project is reminscent of the Dubai Dynamic tower by David Fisher – the building in motion, both projects are really impressive! (Pics)

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