Vietnam mobs burn factories in anti-China protest

burned factory

Mobs burned and looted scores of foreign-owned factories.

This is an interesting turn. The one thing that the Chinese government cares about is their image, the China brand. They are super sensitive to criticism and push back, but how can you push back against spontaneous riots in other countries? And this outbreak had a double blow. The rioters attacked Taiwanese factories by mistake. This will tip the Taiwanese against unification with China, which China craves. In the past, the Chinese have rioted against Japanese products, and the Chinese government has used it to their political advantage. Now the situation is reversed. Will the riots spread to more cities and Asian countries? Will China back down to save it’s commercial reputation and foreign investments and markets?



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Access to Nighttime Online Games Will Be Blocked in Vietnam


Online games will be blocked between the hours of 10pm to 8am.

Gamers in Vietnam will soon have to rearrange their schedules if they’re used to playing videogames online at night. The country’s Ministry of Information and Communication is requesting that local internet service providers block online games access between the hours of 10pm and 8am.


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