Global War on Drugs Has Failed: Report


A new report by the Global Commission on Drug Policy has come to the conclusion that the global war on drugs has failed. The Global Commission, which includes a group of politicians and former world leaders, says the current anti-drug policy has been fueling organized crime, costing taxpayers millions of dollars and causing thousands of deaths.


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Profile Of Ex-Narc Who’s Declared War On The “War on Drugs”


Here’s a great, long profile of Barry Cooper, the ex-narc whose new reality TV show sets up stings for dirty drug cops and videos them making illegal busts and searches:

Several months ago, Officer Nassour had stumbled upon a little black bag at a self-serve car wash in Liberty Hill. Inside, he discovered a drug ledger written in Spanish, a glass stem seemingly burned on one end, $45, some beers, a half-eaten peanut butter sandwich, a pair of red and blue 3D glasses and various other personal effects. Wedged in the top of the vynil lunchbox, a cleverly disguised GPS tracking device.

In the words of Admiral Ackbar, it was a trap, laid by Cooper who’d called in an anonymous tip about a suspicious package…

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