More wives outearning their husbands


The number of women earning more than their husbands had gradually been rising for years.

Julee Schirmacher has found herself in a spot that has become familiar to many families over the past few years since her husband was laid off last fall. She works full-time for a marketing company and, for now, her husband stays home and takes care of the couple’s two kids, ages 5 and 2.

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Helping the Sex-Starved Wife

Helping the Sex-Starved Wife

Loneliness causes people to react in unusual ways

Weiner Davis, a clinical social worker, has been working closely with couples — those on the brink of divorce or otherwise in crisis — for more than 20 years. She’s collected some of her wisdom in her new book, The Sex-Starved Wife: What to Do When He’s Lost Desire.

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