A panel of futurists made a presentation January 8t in the K-Zone of the Kodak exhibit at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).  Members of the Panel will included Thomas Frey, a Senior Futurist and Executive Director of the Denver based DaVinci Institute, David Houle, the Futurist Blogger at EvolutionShift.com and Terry Taber, the Chief Technology Officer for Kodak.


The topical scope of the panel is open; however, Tom Frey included in his remarks the change in society as a consequence of the speed of information access.  Prior to the Internet, if a person was posed a question and given access to the Library of Congress it is possible that they could find an answer within 10 hours. Today, the Internet has reduced the time required to find the same answer to 10 minutes.  This ability to rapidly gain access to information is continuing to impact society at all levels as we manage our information differently. 

Mr. Frey forecasts that technology of the future may bring the time down to 10 seconds: he calls this ‘The 10 Second Interface’.  He envisions some form of headgear that can conduct a keyword or iconic search by a person’s thought patterns – similar to current eye-controlled weapons used by the military.

The ability to have near instant access to information will impact the way we live.  Mr. Frey thinks this will be particularly true in education.  If all knowledge is at your beck and call, what needs to be learned in advance and what can be deferred until the moment of application?  Education may be limited to “why”, leaving the “who”, “what”, “when” and “how” till later. 

With regard to Kodak’s innovations this year at CES, Mr. Frey was impressed with Kodak’s 3D printing.  Special Kodak printers can create an image on paper that, when viewed with 3D glasses, creates the depth perspective of three dimensions. 

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