lumi eye mask

LUMI Eye Mask

Do you find it hard to wakeup suddenly to that damn morning alarm clock everyday before the sunrise? Well, an eye mask that will wake you up gently by simulating sunrise half an hour before the alarm beeps is on the anvil.

The new eye mask will surely ease the pain of early morning wake-up calls that leave you in a dark mood. The special eye mask, LUMI sleep mask, is embedded with LED lights that begin to glow 30 minutes before the programmed time and slowly get brighter, helping the wearer to wake up naturally before the built-in alarm beeps.


It has the added benefit of blocking out the light from street lamps or electronic devices during the night, promoting a deeper sleep. It may also help shift workers manipulate their sleep patterns and give sufferers of Seasonal Affective Disorder a morning boost.  (Pics)



Via Times of India