blob architecture blobism blobitecture selfridges birmingham 2

Blobitecture example in Selfridges, Birmingham UK

Yet what is blobitecture?  It is a term for an architectural school in which organic shapes are the aim, bulging, cellular, amoeba-like buildings its expression.  Although the term did not appear in print until 2002, blob architecture had been used as an expression in architectural circles since the middle of the previous decade.  Notably it was the New York Times which first brought it to greater attention, as part of William Safire’s On Language column. (Pics)



blob architecture blobism blobitecture 1

Experience Music Project, Seattle, Image Darwin Bell

blob architecture blobism blobitecture selfridges birmingham 1

Selfridges, Birmingham UK – Image Mags_cat

They might perhaps be at risk of coming across like characters in a scene from a certain Monty Python film, but some people still insist on asking the question what have computers ever done for us?  One mooted answer could certainly be blobitecture (or, blobism, blobismus or blob architecture) for this architectural term could not have become reality without them.

blob architecture blobism blobitecture city hall london

City Hall, London – Image Kol Tregaskes

blob architecture blobism blobitecture graz house of arts

Graz Arts Museum, Graz Austria – Image Watz