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The statistics show it all.

With 300,000 iPhone apps and 200,000 Android apps available for download, consumers aren’t willing to tolerate apps that at first sight don’t meet their standards.

Twenty-six percent of apps are only opened once after download, according to a study by software company Localytics…

Using its real-time app analytics tool, Localytics compiled data in 2010 about new users of thousands of Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7 apps.

If these users did not open the apps a second time before January 26, 2011, they were counted as one-time users. (This partially explains why more one-time uses were reported in the last quarter of 2010 than the first quarter; the first-quarter group had more time to open the app again.)

Besides emphasizing how important it is for developers to avoid pitfalls that are likely to turn off fickle app users, the data also points out the inaccuracy of using the number of people who download an app as the sole measure of its success.

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