Zoom, zoom, zoom. Take a jet-pack to the moon!

So, like most men,  you’re going through your midlife crisis, and you’re looking at a sports-bike, a mistress or maybe an Ariel Atom. The problem with all that is that if you’re like me, a middle aged man with less and less hair and more and more belly, you’d look ridiculous on a motorbike. There’s no point in getting a mistress because you’re already having trouble keeping up with your wife, and you have no clue as to what an Ariel Atom is.

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But have no fear for now you can get yourself a water propelled jet-pack. Yes, you’ve read correctly, as long as you have roughly 100.000$ and are willing to risk your life every time you use it, as of March you will be able to have your very own jet-pack.

Sure, the top speed is 22mph and the highest you’ll be able to go is roughly 30 feet but apparently it’s the most fun you can have with your pants on.

This changes everything for the blooming jet-pack industry…

Ariel Atom