The Spiderpodium, by Breffo, is a gadget-stand/tripod shaped like an arthropod.  It is designed to accomodate virtually every handheld portable device available now and in the future. (Pics)


The Spiderpodium has eight flexible legs shaped like the legs of a spider, of course.  All eight legs are equally flexible and  it can be attached to pretty much anything.   It can also securely hold pretty much any gadget, of any size securely.


The 8 flexible, notched legs allow the Spiderpodium to be used with multiple devices in many different ways. You can hang it or secure it to virtually any surface that is not flat.  The hole in the body of the Spiderpodium allows any device to be charged through the devices own charger.


Spiderpodium is very lightweight and compact and fits into your pocket or purse with ease.  Spiderpodium is the perfect travel companion. 


Nic McMahon, Breffo Co-founder and US CEO said, “Patrick Mathews (Founder/Global CEO) and I are extremely excited to announce the Spiderpodium Tablet. We have spent a significant amount of time and effort on the R & D, to make sure this product exceeds the needs of any tablet user. Perfectly balancing aesthetic and functional design to create a brilliant new product concept. The Spiderpodium Tablet allows users to grip, stand, hang, or attach their tablet device virtually anywhere with a single accessory, while the aesthetic design makes it an iconic classic gadget that will be a joy to own.”

Article by Deb Frey