The quest for better fuel economy has General Motors cribbing from headphone technology.

Can technology used in headphones really improve gas mileage? GMC’s Terrain crossover is proving that yes, it can — or at least, it improves the experience of getting more miles per gallon.


According to Wired, Engineers added an eco mode to the vehicle by mounting a 6-speed gearbox to the direct-injection system. It helps lower the shift points and therefore get another extra mile from each gallon of gas — but not without creating a low-frequency hum. For any driver, a constant hum makes for a far less pleasant trip. So that is where the headphone technology slips in.

The solution comes in the form of a noise canceling system like what is in headphones. It minimizes the noise from the exhaust.

“When the two microphones in the ceiling to detect the wave of buzz, a frequency generator counter emits sound by means of the audio program speakers and subwoofer. The program also helps to maintain things quiet at greater RPMs when cruising at highway speeds,” reports Getfirebolt.

This way, drivers are more likely to use such an “eco mode” to save gas, but still enjoy their ride. Honda and Infiniti use the technology as well, and BMW is considering it for their vehicles.

 Via Treehugger