Save that oil!

The mediterranean cuisine is known to be one of the healthiest, and yet, Spaniards like their fried tapas or churros every now and then. In 2010 the recycling centers, called ‘Green Points’, collected 195.136 liters of used kitchen oil from households, which only counts for 2,5% of the total oil used in one year by Barcelonians. In order to make recycling oil easier, Barcelona City Council has launched the Olipot, an easy to use bottle that helps you bring your old oil to the recycling centers. That way it does not contaminate the water but instead can be turned into soap, biodiesel and paint.

You can recycle any type of oil: soy, sunflower, vegetable, or olive oil. The Olipot facilitates bringing kitchen oil to the Green Points around town instead of pouring it down the sink. Apart from a bad smell, this would cause problems with the drains, contaminate rivers and even the sea. To make recycling oil as easy and clean as possible, the Olipot has a series of features that makes it more practical than the typical used water bottle or glass jar. A built-in filter separates the oil from pieces of food and an insulating skin protects your fingers when you pour in hot oil. The recipient can hold 750 ml and tolerates up to 180ºC. A screw top makes sure it’s completely leak-proof and it even has a little handle to happily walk it to the recycling centre and back after emptying it.

I am curious to see if this products increases the number of people who will now recycle their kitchen oil in Barcelona. Unfortunately I couldn’t try it out yet as no Olipots are available until at least the end of the month, despite the heavy campaign the council did. Hopefully next month the Olipots will be available again, for free, at your nearest recycling center in Barcelona.