What is the future for biofuels?

What happened to biofuels?

Everybody was talking about biofuels a few years ago. Politicians in the U.S. saw corn ethenol as a path to “energy independence,” while greener folks preferred biodiesel made from waste cooking oil. Fans of biofuels said that these were supposed to be just a bridge to second-generation biofuels like cellulosic ethanol and algae biodiesel; these wouldn’t be made from food crops or limited feedstocks, and they would be much greener overall.



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Alligator fat could be a new source of biodiesel


Alligator fat meets nearly all of the official standards for high-quality biodiesel.

Alligators, in addition to being a novelty food, could also provide a feedstock for biodiesel. The alligator meat industry disposes of about 15 million pounds of alligator fat in landfills every year. Scientists discover the that oil can be extracted from the fat and used to make a high-quality biodiesel.


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Barcelona Gives Away ‘Olipots’ To Promote Kitchen Oil Recycling


Save that oil!

The mediterranean cuisine is known to be one of the healthiest, and yet, Spaniards like their fried tapas or churros every now and then. In 2010 the recycling centers, called ‘Green Points’, collected 195.136 liters of used kitchen oil from households, which only counts for 2,5% of the total oil used in one year by Barcelonians. In order to make recycling oil easier, Barcelona City Council has launched the Olipot, an easy to use bottle that helps you bring your old oil to the recycling centers. That way it does not contaminate the water but instead can be turned into soap, biodiesel and paint.

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Funride: Unique Car Sharing Service That Uses Alternative Fuel Vehicles


Featured at the Colorado Inventor Showcase 2009

FunRide is a unique car sharing service that uses alternative fuel vehicles, offering members and visitors the opportunity to reduce their transportation costs.


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AlwaysOn Selects BioFuelBox As A GoingGreen Top 100 Winners

AlwaysOn Selects BioFuelBox As A GoingGreen Top 100 Winners

 Converting waste into ASTM quality biodiesel

BioFuelBox Corporation today announced that it has been chosen by AlwaysOn as one of the GoingGreen Top 100 Winners. BioFuelBox was specially selected from a list of more than 500, with nominations coming from top venture capital firms and a wide breadth of green technology insiders.

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Passenger Jet Powered By Jet Fuel Made From A Weed

Passenger Jet Powered By Jet Fuel Made From A Weed 

 Technicians at UOP examine equipment used to convert jatropha oil into jet fuel.

On December 3, a Boeing 747 belonging to Air New Zealand is scheduled to take off from Auckland, New Zealand, powered in part by a new type of jet fuel made from a weed. A mixture of equal parts biofuel and conventional fuel will run one of the plane’s engines. The biofuel, which could help reduce carbon-dioxide emissions, was developed by UOP, a major supplier of technology for petroleum refining.

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Honeywell & Airbus Turn Algae Into Jet Fuel

Honeywell & Airbus To Turn Algae Into Jet Fuel

It took a lot of talking, and they turned down three bridges first, but Honeywell
finally bought into the idea that pond scum makes good jet fuel

Plane maker Airbus and diversified manufacturer Honeywell International Inc. on Thursday said they are developing a biofuel that by 2030 could satisfy nearly a third of the worldwide demand from commercial aircraft, without affecting food supplies.

Along with JetBlue Airways Corp. and International Aero Engines, they plan to produce fuel from vegetation and algae-based oils that do not compete with existing food production or land and water resources.

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