Less than three years after its founding, bankers are telling Groupon it could IPO at an astounding $25 billion valuation — greater than Google’s valuation when it first hit the public markets. We took a look at the lightning fast right that took Groupon to its current valuations.

To give some perspective, Google was valued at $23 billion in its IPO, so that would make it a bigger IPO valuation than Google.

Groupon has been considering an IPO for a while now, and the original numbers considered were $15 to $20 billion. But since then tech stocks have been going up, and presumably Groupon’s business has been doing very well.

Groupon did $760 million in revenue last year and it’s projecting billions for this year.

Groupon is talking with Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs about the IPO, and we know that Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein went personally to Groupon’s founders to pitch them on the IPO.

Via Business Insider