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3 strings are easier to learn than 4 for children.

Teaching children how to play a musical instrument from an early age could prove very important for their creativity in the future. If your kid is more attracted to stringed instruments than to pianos and such, a 3 string guitar may be the perfect choice…

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The 3 string guitar is the creation of Rafael Atijas and is known under the name of Loog. There are three models available, respectively Loog I, Loog II and Loog III, each with a different body shape. It must be mentioned that all three will come as DIY kits, so the designer leaves the pleasure of assembling the guitar to the parents and the kids. Rest assured, the kits come with very detailed instructions, so there will be no problems in putting together the guitar.

Because the number of the strings is reduced, in comparison to a normal guitar, children will be able to learn easier how to play. One nice thing about the Loog guitars is that parts are interchangeable between the three models. If your kids ever get tired of their particular model, they can swap the body, the neck or the headstock with other children who own a Loog. More than that, the neck of the guitar can be changed when the kid grows up, from the regular short-scale neck that measures 21″ to the 24″ neck. The short-scale neck is adequate for kids aged from 6 to 9 years, while the latter is suitable for kids who are 10 years old or more.

3 st 33333Loog-ILoog I has a rather rectangular shape.

Rafael Atijas, the designer of the 3 string guitar used KickStart to get the funds required for the mass production of this item. As of March 15, 2011, the sum exceeded twice the goal, so there is no doubt that the guitar will become widely available very soon. Everyone who contributed with $150 or more will get a free Loog.

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