Emanuele Lopopolo

Emanuele Lopopolo shows off his invention.

Emanuele Lopopolo of Italy has invented a portable backrest that allows its wearer to take a break from standing by leaning back onto a telescopic pole…

“The kangaroo can rest its weight on its tail, so we’ve made the same thing for humans,” he said. The device is being exhibited at the world’s biggest inventions fair in Geneva this week.

This invention is a portable device fit for resting the back when a person stands in the upright position. It is a stuffed lumbar support, laid on the ground through an extensible/tilting pipe. The device has a similar function to that of the kangaroo’s tail (or as an trestle/pedestal for people): a sort of third back leg that builds a triangle with the other two legs, allowing the user to relieve his weight/tension on the ground instead of relieving it exclusively on the spinal column. Who can use it: tourists (at museums, shows, events, tours, etc.), salesman, traffic police, people that want to read/watch tv in the standing position, barmen, salesclerks, spectators, farmers, mechanics, surgeons, musicians, restorers, photographers, reporters, ironers, plasterers, housewives, etc..