tire shorts image-8

A pair of woman’s shorts, made predominantly from tyres by – unsurprisingly given the logo – Michelin.

Each year – and this is in Britain alone – they apparently throw away approximately 500’000 tonnes of tyres; as such, and due in part to their incredible durability, the disposal of disused tyres is seen as one of the largest waste problems in the world. Below are several examples of tire recycling that really capture the imagination, and serve to remind us that the trusty tyre is actually an incredibly versatile object that can, with a little imagination, be transformed into a wide range of different products…

Apparently the shorts pictured above were designed by Michelin staff as “a bit of fun”, the shorts were showcased last year as part of a larger collection of tyre fashion. Said Michelin’s Peter Snelling at the time: “We hope to see our tyres making tracks on the high street very soon”.

tire house image-2

Millegomme are an ‘international collective of tyre crafters’, and this is one of their most ambitious projects. Built in 2005 for a client, this incredible ‘garden house’ is coated in tyres; all of which have been sourced from local garages.

tire carpet image-10

A fantastic rug designed by renowned manufacturersnanimarquina, based in Spain. These wonderful Bicicleta Rugs are made entirely from recycled goods, including between 120 and 140 bicycle inner-tubes, all collected and processed in India.