lego-apartment 1

Christian Schallert in his 258 square-foot “Lego” apartment.

How do you fit a kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, shower/toilet and a table into a tiny 258 square-foot apartment? If you’re Christian Schallert, you cram it all inside of custom-built walls and furniture that when transformed, creates a surprisingly cozy “LEGO” apartment. (Pics and video)


More than meets the eye sums up Schallert’s apartment very well. On one side of his little living space is a wooden wall with compartments that pop open to reveal the hidden kitchen and supplies. It’s the ultimate minimalist’s apartment.


Where did Schallert come up with such a crazy idea? Schallert says he was inspired by the hidden storage units in boats and the simplistic designs in Japanese homes.

Aside from having a glass shower that’s in plain view after walking in the door, the bed slides out from underneath the balcony (it also doubles as a sofa), the HDTV is mounted on the wall and a dining table/office desk can be pulled down from the other wall. The only other real “room” is the tiny bathroom with enough space for a bookshelf of magazines.


For the average American, living in Schallert’s space is unthinkable, but it actually comes with a slight perk: an easy workout that’ll keep you looking fit without hitting the gym. Since it takes 100 steps to reach his apartment from the ground floor and Schallert’s always moving things, opening cupboards and sliding things around in his apartment, he’s able to work out his muscles and stay healthy without a treadmill. How’s that for a benefit for a small apartment?







Via Dvice