Lego toying with idea of letting customers 3D print their own bricks



The toy industry has become stagnant due to the competition from digital games, Lego is among the companies looking at 3D printing as a potential fix. The Danish plastic brick manufacturer told The Financial Times that it is considering “what potential opportunities there are for consumers.” Legos are very easy to print on home 3D printers (in fact, some people are already printing them).



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The P45 – world’s tiniest car makes the driver look like a LEGO astronaut


Jeremy Clarkson, host of the BBC show Top Gear, unveils the world’s tiniest car, the P45, which he apparently designed himself. A takeoff on the Peel P50, the P45 has the drive train of a four-wheel all-terrain vehicle, but all the turn signals, lights, and license plates needed to make it street-legal in the United Kingdom. With a helmet for a roof, a visor for a windshield, and no side doors, the contraption calls to mind a Cozy Coupe crossed with a LEGO spaceman, and turns out to be only slightly more roadworthy.

Lego’s Mindstorms EV3 – a robot kit that is iPhone-controlled

Lego Mindstorms EV3

Lego Mindstorms EV3 is Lego’s first major update of the Mindstorms line since 2006.  Mindstorms are Lego’s programmable robotic parts–a brain, motors, and sensors–that interface with their Technic line.  And since social networks, smartphones and apps all rule today it’s only natural that each of these ideas worked themselves into the Lego Mindstorm EV3.



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6 major brands that have been resurrected from the dead


The LEGO Group has been around since 1932.

It’s not unusual for some brands to die out. But rarely some brands come back from the dead. Many brands like New Coke, Circuit City, and Borders are likely to be gone forever. But some companies find that certain dying brands still have some attraction for consumers. Maybe because at one time they were well-known, at least well enough to make them worthwhile targets for new investment.  (Pics)


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Incredible Tiny “Lego” Apartment Transforms Into Infinite Spaces

lego-apartment 1

Christian Schallert in his 258 square-foot “Lego” apartment.

How do you fit a kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, shower/toilet and a table into a tiny 258 square-foot apartment? If you’re Christian Schallert, you cram it all inside of custom-built walls and furniture that when transformed, creates a surprisingly cozy “LEGO” apartment. (Pics and video)


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