Incredible Tiny “Lego” Apartment Transforms Into Infinite Spaces

lego-apartment 1

Christian Schallert in his 258 square-foot “Lego” apartment.

How do you fit a kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, shower/toilet and a table into a tiny 258 square-foot apartment? If you’re Christian Schallert, you cram it all inside of custom-built walls and furniture that when transformed, creates a surprisingly cozy “LEGO” apartment. (Pics and video)


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Container Trucks Recycled Into Mobile Homes

tanker apartment 1111

Whether the trucks were transporting oil, milk or some other sort of liquid, designer Aristide Antonas has conjured up a world where we would recycle the containers into apartments. The gallery below shows a post-apocalyptic world where we remain mobile. (Pics)

As Antonas says, these keg apartments:

“…can be detached from their cars and can form more stable units for a certain period. A big circular window can be introduced in the vehicle’s cylinder towards the car’s side with the use of an enforced circular frame. This will give the form of a window open to the driver’s section or to any chosen view if the keg stops in a particular way.

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Recession Friendly Staycations: The Fake Vacation At Home

Recession Friendly Staycations:  The Fake Vacation At Home


During the recession, families are forced to cut back on luxuries in order to keep money in the bank for life’s unavoidable expenses. In lieu of taking an expensive, luxury vacation overseas, many families and individuals are opting instead for fake vacations at home which are creating a world of new business opportunities for entrepreneurs.

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Reversible Destiny Lofts

Reversible Destiny Lofts 

 Reversible Destiny Lofts

You won’t have your grandparents over to your posh, colorful apartment in Tokyo while living at the Reversible Destiny Lofts. Designed by NY-based architects Arakawa & Gins (who, between you and me, need to pick some different colors for their website), these units are packed full of all sorts of hurdles only the youthful could put up with: uneven floors, balcony doors you have to crawl through, spherical rooms, blinding colors, transparent showers – the list goes on.

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Electrolux Design Labs 2008 Competition


Famed vacuum-cleaner maker Electrolux shows it doesn’t suck as much as you think by putting on a design competition every year. This year’s nine Design Lab ’08 finalists have outdone those from the past, with students inventing and designing a variety of ambitious devices that might make your quality of life better – if they’re ever actually manufactured. See an overview of the amazing gadgets in the video above.

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