Here’s a delightful HOWTO for making a urinal out of SNES cartridges (please only use broken ones and crappy sports games, as the authors of this suggest!):

I recommend calling a professional plumber to install your video game urinal. They can help you remove the excess hardibacker, adjust the height of the flush valve & P-trap so they align with your plumbing, and secure the urinal to the wall…

WARNING: Flush valves are not designed for installation in most residences. There isn’t enough water pressure or water volume for them to operate correctly. You will need to install the urinal in a commercial setting or verify your water supply line meets the flush valve manufacturers specifications.

After all this time, you probably need to pee. Go ahead and try your new Super Nintendo urinal. There is something strangely satisfying about peeing on John Madden’s face (in cartridge form of course).

How To Build a Video Game Urinal