Infographic about Apple’s App Store

On Tuesday Apple hit an unofficial landmark.   Apple has now approved 500,000 apps for its App Store, according to an infographic from app-search app Chomp, publisher Chillingo and review site 148Apps.


In its write-up of the infographic, 148Apps said it’s important to note that while 500,000 apps have been approved, only about 400,000 are live in the United States.

The in­cred­ibly long and thorough graphic breaks down the stats on the app store, including interesting facts such as that 37 percent of all apps are free.

Games and books make up the largest chunk of apps in the store (15 and 14 percent, respectively), and the value of all live apps is $891,982.92. The average price of an app is $3.64.

To store all the apps on one device, it would take 7.5 terabytes. Or, if you prefer, more than 240 32GB iPhones.

Check out the full infographic:


Via Washington Post