Go, go gadget iceberg.

The man who can sell icebergs to eskimo may be a great salesman, but the guy who can tug icebergs to Saudi Arabia will be remembered as an engineering genius.

French engineer Georges Mougin may be that man.Fast Company reports that ever since the 1970s, he’s been working on a method to tow freshwater icebergs across the Arctic. Now, with 3-D tech, declassified satellite data, and tugboats, he might have cracked the way to quench the world’s thirst…

There are some keys to doing this right: Mougin says icebergs have to be harvested at the right time and that flat, table-shaped icebergs — unlike the stereotypically craggy kind — are less likely to crack and bust under the strain of being pulled a few thousand miles.

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Georges Mougin