swarovski toilet

Swarovski-studded toilet

Here is a collection of the most extreme toilets in the world that do anything from play music, check your blood pressure or warm your feet. You can treat your backside to the finest materials and technology that money can buy. The toilets are decked out in precious metals and gadgets that can handle everything from entertainment to keeping tabs on our health. If you are still going to the bathroom in a regular toilet, you simply aren’t living life to the fullest.

Space station toilet

space station toilet

Space holds many mysteries, and it’s the key to important questions like, “Are we alone in the universe?” and, “Why are we here?” But if you ask NASA, all the average Joe wants to know is how humans pee up there. Well, if you are residing on the International Space Station, the answer is a $19 million zero gravity toilet. It features leg braces to help keep astronauts properly positioned and fans that suck all of the waste into a septic tank. An extremely advanced filter then extracts water from the waste and purifies it for drinking. Mmmm. Let’s bottle that in the states and get Bear Grylls as a spokesman.


Kohler Numi toilet

numi toilet

The new Kohler Numi is quite possibly the most luxurious and technologically advanced machine you will ever put your naked butt on (unless you have ever gone right up to the glass and mooned someone sitting inside an Aston Martin … guiltyyyy!) It features a built-in music system, ambient lighting, touchscreen remote, motion-activated lid and seat, retracting bidet, air dryer, air deodorizer, heated seat, floor vents to keep your feet warm and customizable options that can be set for every member of your household. $6,400 – Kohler.

Hong Kong’s golden toilet


Listed by Guinness as the world’s most expensive toilet, Hang Fun Gold Technology Group’s 24-carat solid gold toilet resides in an demonstration washroom dubbed “The Hall of Gold” that features many opulent washroom accessories like solid gold bars embedded in the floor and precious handmade items. Tourists would come for miles around to have their picture taken on the golden throne, pictures that would no doubt take pride of place in wallets and albums next to wedding and baby photos. Apparently, the bathroom is slowly being dismantled as the owners seek to melt down the gold to take advantage of high prices, so get a good look at it while you can.

Colored chrome toilets

chrome toilet

Jemal Wright takes standard toilets and applies a special chrome base infused with dyes over the porcelain to achieve a colorful, glossy look. If that’s just tacky and your tastes run full Vegas, the toilets can be further customized with luxurious extras such as Swarovski crystals. He even uses the crystals to sign his work, and we all know that having your name attached to the toilets of the wealthy is the next best thing to hanging in the Louvre. Price not available


Dagobert wooden toilet throne

wooden toilet

Dagobert was the last ruler of the 8th century French Merovingian dynasty and he is the man who serves as the inspiration for this toilet. What a legacy. This classy throwback toilet includes features such as ash wood construction with hand-painted Moustier Polychrome designs, the musical chime “Le Bon Roi Dagobert” begins playing as the lid is raised, pull chain flush with bell and a full set of accessories including candleholder and ashtray. $14,123 — Herbeau


Jungle: Dundee toilet

dundee toilet

If I had to guess, the name “Dundee” is Ceramica Cielo’s nod to Crocodile Dundee with its line of animal skin Jungle series toilets. It’s ironic that Crocodile Dundee would be tagged to a line of opulent toilets given the fact that he would have no qualms about squatting down in the jungle surrounded by poisonous snakes and crocs with nothing but a giant knife and a handful of leaves to handle the situation. Price not available — ArchieExpo


Vertebrae toilet

vertebrae toilet

The Vertebrae isn’t so much a toilet as it is an entire bathroom hinged along a single vertical spine. It includes everything from an adult-size shower and a kids-size shower on top, to storage and controls in the middle, to a sink and a toilet at the bottom. That means you can wash your hair, brush your teeth and go to the bathroom at the same time. Of course, you can do all of this in a standard shower, but this solution eliminates the shame. Price not available — Design Odyssey

Statis Asteo Washlet

asteo toilet

Inax’s Statis Asteo Washlet is a toilet for music lovers. It comes with a lowering and lifting mechanism, automatic seat adjustment and nightlight – but the real highlight are the built-in 1,600-watt speakers and an SD card slot preloaded with tunes from Bach, Chopin and Mendelssohn. Needless to say, you’ll have to add some Tchaikovsky in there because nothing cures constipation like 1,600-watts and the finale of the 1812 Overture. $467-$737 — Softpedia


Toto Intelligence II toilet

toto toilet

 For women, the Toto Intelligence II is more than just a toilet, it’s also a doctor. It can analyze sugar levels in urine, check blood pressure, body weight and even measure body temperature and hormone balance — which could be used to help keep tabs on menstruation cycles. All of this information is then wirelessly transmitted to a PC for analysis. Yes, I’m sure the kids will be thrilled to find out later on that the toilet played a vital role in their existence. $3,500-$6,100 — Japan Trends

Swarovski-studded toilet 

swarovski toilet
Jemal Wright is back again with a toilet design that’s completely encrusted in Swarovski crystals. The price tag? Try $75,000. Then again, you could save yourself some cash with a glue gun and some rhinestones to match the bathrobe and slippers you Bedazzled. I’m thinking a pink shag bathmat would look great in here too. Price not available — Jemal Wright