Brainstorming over lunch! No more wasted lunch breaks.

Meet the Doodle Tablecloth. The Doodle Tablecloth is pre-shrunk 100% cotton and is printed to look like a giant piece of graph paper, complete with printed lines, holes, and red margins. It comes with eight wash-out fabric markers…

Let your business meeting turn into an expressive creative endeavor by writing ideas and inspirations on this unique tablecloth.

Get your kiddos excited about dinner by having them draw placemats for each member of the family. Doodle the vegetables that will be tried that evening (one bite, just one bite!). No matter what gets doodled on the tablecloth, it all washes out in the Hot cycle of your washing machine, so you can start with a clean piece of paper the next evening.

More info: Scribble Tablecloth