The Data Clip

As flash memory chips continue to get smaller the main advantage is more storage in the same space. For example, the 64GB USB stick of today, will hold double or triple that in the same chip space within just a few years.

However, there is another advantage to decreasing the size of the storage chips: you can attach a decent amount of storage to tiny objects you’d usually associate with another function entirely…

Electronics company Elecom has done exactly that with the help of Japanese design company Nendo by combining flash storage with a paper clip. The Data Clip as it is called, has dual functionality. On the one hand it is about the same size as a paper clip and acts as such, but then in the extended plastic end you will also find a USB connection and 4GB of on board storage.

The Data Clip may appeal to anyone doing research or working with others on a project. Not only can you print out some relevent information, you can also now clip them together with a Data Clip full of additional notes, images, and video.

Nendo didn’t just stop at a dual function paper clip, though. They also came up with the Data Hook. Unlike the Data Clip, the Hook is meant for anyone wanting to secure their USB storage to something like your jeans or a bag. It uses a fastening mechanism much like a carabiner, and certainly looks like it will stay securely fastened to what ever you hook it on. The Data Hook also has 4GB of storage.

Both storage sticks come with a password protection system and 256-bit AES encryption ensuring data is protected. The price on Elecom’s website is currently set as “Open Price” and is only heading to Japan as far as I can tell. I think they are too useful not to get distributed elsewhere, though.

Read more at Elecom (translated), via Spoon & Tamago