Featured invention at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase 2011

No time to exercise?  Long hours at the computer?  Tired?  No energy?     No problem! 

Introducing the GoFidget Xerciser™, your fitness solution to sit-down days.  The GoFidget Xerciser™ is an omni-directional fitness device that is easy to use while sitting and working at a computer.  With its 360 degrees of movement and non-impact design, the GoFidget Xerciser™ is a whole new way to strengthen muscles from feet to knees, up to thighs and hips!   GoFidget™ at home or in the office.  It is convenient, effective and surprisingly fun!


Invented by a fitness professional to help cure “sitting disease,” the patent-pending GoFidget™ can help any body increase circulation, burn fat, build strength and boost energy.  Short intervals of light activity throughout your day can power productivity and leave you feeling stronger and buzzing with more energy than before you sat down.  Try it and be amazed.