zombie house 1

“The Safe House”

The centuries old threat of zombies is making a comeback.  From the movie 28 Days Later to The Walking Dead Series on AMC and the best-selling Zombie Survival Guide, we’re all a little too ready to deal with the 2012 of our dreams. (Pics)


“The Safe House,” designed by KWK Promes, starts to get eerily close to something I could work with, if say 200 bludgeoned members of the undead army came over to eat their way into borrowing some sugar.

zombie house 2

“The most essential item for our clients was acquiring the feeling of maximum security,” begins the designers’ website in the summary of the structure. Who wouldn’t feel safe in a concrete rectangle that folds in upon itself to become completely sealed? Even the windows are covered with a slab of concrete when the structure is on nap time.

zombie house 3

The house, with its movable walls, has only one entrance, which is located on the second floor after crossing a drawbridge. Seems like the perfect opportunity to use a flamethrower and defend the life of your family, while stylishly nesting in a piece of architectural elitism.

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