Hinge Prototypes 001

Featured invention at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase 2011

Patent Pending Simplinge is simply a hinge for poles…any poles! But it is more than that. It is a revolutionary new way of thinking about how to make and assemble any collapsable structure.

Before Simplinge, pole joints could be complicated, bulky, difficult, expensive, and even dangerous! Simplinge simply presses into the ends of two poles, two holes, or any combination thereof, and the joint is complete! Consider at some of the benefits:

  • Simplinge will not pinch flesh or equipment!
  • Simplinge can be customized to lock into most any position, such as 0, 45, 90, or 180 degrees to name a few, or not incorporate any lock at all!
  • Simplinge is simple to operate. Even children and the elderly can open, close, lock, and unlock it!
  • Simplinge can be customized to fit most any size pole!
  • Simplinge is made from strong, sturdy heat treated spring steel, and is chrome plated for corrosion resistance and long life!

Hinge Prototypes 002

Perhaps the most promising application for Simplinge is as a replacement for current tent pole joint assemblies. Most of these currently use bungee cord to keep the pole sections together as a kit, and use tubular aluminum inserts to align and hold the tent pole sections together. The problems with this system are many, but include the following: difficulty of assembling tube sections; pole assembly cannot be pulled on without sections comming apart (this can be especially annoying when trying to pack up a tent); breakage of bungee cord; cannot field repair a broken pole, bungee, or insert.

Hinge Prototypes 003

Simplinge solves all of these problems and more! Can you imagine the possiblilities?

  • Folding tents that have the poles permanantly assembled to the tent?
  • Tent designs with some joints locking at 180 degrees, while others lock at 150 degrees (while the collapsed pole assembly sits flat and takes up the minimum amount of space!)
  • Spare parts sold with the tent or as optional equipment! No duct taping sticks to a broken pole assembly (and hoping it stands up the the rain and snow) ever again!

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