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Featured invention at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase 2011

Portavise is an unfastened vise which mounts vertical or horizontal in a non-skid base to hold delicate, odd-shapes and conventional items or can be used out of the base as a clamp. (Pics)


Flexibility-Mobility-Convenience – WRIST AT REST

The jaw surfaces are less than two inches off of the table surface in either the vertical or the horizontal vise positions. The low working level allows the wrist or forearm to be at rest to perform precise or delicate workmanship. The workload of a tools’ working pressure or light finger or hand pressure on top of the base keeps the vise steady.

#3. Real egg held for decoration.

On the bottom of the base is a special “grip to the surface” material that, with any hand assisted work load, the Portavise® allows the same work as most mounted vises for sawing, drilling, polishing and de-burring, etc. The big difference is the mobility and flexibility in working at your preferred angle and height, also because the vise is portable and you can even take it with you. Additionally, you have your selection of work areas from wood table tops, laminated tops or even glass case tops. Providing the material on the bottom of the base is free of soil or other work material, it can be used on most any flat surfaces without damage to the surface finish. The bottom gripping surface on the base may be cleaned with window cleaner. 

#3. Both sides available for low level solder or de-solder.

  • Jaw panels hold most any object tightly.
  • Base becomes very secure with light work load.
  • Use on any flat, clean surface, anywhere.
  • Instant mobility for your working orientation.
  • Use vise as a clamp or in the base vertically or horizontally.
  • Vise and Holder Base are Patented

#5. Ceramic work, painting etc.

#9. protectively holds against paint and decals.

#10. Hold motor tools. promotes accuracy.

10. adhesive pic

d. Vise in Base Vertically

Via Portavise


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