Can you smell it?

If you roll out of bed by yourself in the morning in an empty apartment, breakfast for one doesn’t always have to be just a bowl of cereal. Nostalgia Electric’s griddle packing toaster has just enough room to fry up a couple of eggs or a single pancake…

Without having to mess a single frying pan or even turn on the stove, you can start your lonely day with a hearty meal for one thanks to this toaster’s flip-down, compact griddle. The non-stick surface is removable for easy cleaning, and since you’ll be preparing breakfast by yourself, a timer control ensures your hashbrowns won’t burn if you get distracted staring longingly out the window. The $30 unit is no larger than your standard toaster when breakfast is over and you fold it away, but don’t think it’s only useful for the mornings. That tiny griddle is also perfect for whipping up individual grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch, or enough fixings to fill a single fajita at dinner.