People that sleep on left side of bed are more cheerful and positive.

Snuggling up for the night on the left-hand side of the bed is key to a happier life, so says a new study .

Researchers have found that people who sleep on the left-hand side of the bed are generally more cheerful and positive – in fact , they lead a happier and a less stressful life, the Daily Express reported .

In the study , based on a survey , a quarter of people said they had a bright outlook on life, compared to just 18% of people who sleep on the bed’s right side.

They were also found to be better at tackling heavy workloads as well as stress . Two-thirds said they were calmer than their partner in a crisis . Meanwhile , those who sleep on the right hand-side tend to wake up in a bad mood more often .

People who favour the left of the bed also have more confidence and are more likely to be in permanent employment than those who prefer the other side. And while right-hand siders tend to earn more than their opposite numbers , those who sleep on the left are happiest at work .

Photo credit: Kelley School of Business

Via Times of India