Health issues stress Americans more than anything else


Health overwhelmed financial problems in terms of causes of stress.

We are all stressed. Work can get some people down, and of course money is something we all worry about. But Americans with health issues are more likely to experience a great deal of stress than anyone else, according to a recent poll conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and NPR.



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Should your life be automated so you can work harder?

virtual asst

Would you delegate all of your decisions to someone else?

Would you pay someone in the Philippines to answer your email for you — even your personal messages? Or hire strangers on the internet to plan your spouse’s big birthday party? Or throw meat, vegetables, and butter into a blender and call it dinner?



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Higher status means you will live longer

Nobel Prize winners live longer than those who don’t win.

On average, Nobel Prize winners live 1.6 years longer than nominees who aren’t selected.  This finding is consistent with a causal link between status and longer lifespan, say Matthew D. Rablen and Andrew J. Oswald of the University of Warwick in the UK.



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Drone pilots get stress disorders as much as pilots of manned aircraft do

Drone pilots

Researchers with the Defense Department have found in a first of its kind study that pilots of drone aircraft experience mental health problems like depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress at the same rate as pilots of manned aircraft who are deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan.



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Dogs could lower stress at work and improve morale


Researchers studied 75 people at a manufacturing company where each day for a week 20 to 30 people were allowed to bring their dogs to work.

Bringing a dog to work could come with practical difficulties, but a trial at an American company suggested it improved people’s job satisfaction.

6 secondhand health hazards that may surprise you


One-quarter of people who share a bed with a snorer lose 49 minutes of sleep per night.

Unhealthy behaviors can spread.  And by now you know to avoid a roommate who smokes, lest her carcinogenic cloud take you down. But did you know you should avoid shacking up with a snorer. Recent research shows that a slew of health problems and their side effects can be transferred from one person to another, according to the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity–meaning that friends’ or relatives’ medical issues, or their disregard for their own well-being, can rub off on you!

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