51 strings and 154 frets if you were wondering.

The Orlando Science Center has added an eight-necked monster to its current exhibit “Guitar: The Instrument That Rocked the World.” Guests can now take a look at Rock Ock, the world’s only fully playable, eight-necked stringed instrument.

It was built by Dan Neafsey of DGN Custom Guitars on commission by the National Guitar Museum, and it was designed by artist Gerard Huerta, who incorporated a ukulele, mandolin, six-string guitar, seven-string guitar, 12-string guitar, baritone, guitar, fretless bass and a standard bass. That makes for a total of 51 strings and 154 frets. It weighs 40 pounds…

Rock Ock has been brought in for the finals days of the exhibit, which made its international debut at the Orlando Science Center in June. The display, which features dozens of historic and unusual guitars (plus scientific displays about them), will be available here through Jan. 2.

Musical performances have accompanied the exhibit throughout its run. Upcoming artists are Carlos DeSoto of The Rules (Dec. 27), Orlando’s Alex Ivanov (Dec. 28) and rocker Arte Tedesco (Dec. 29). Show times are 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. each day.