Clumsy medics are at the center of a media storm in Mexico after they drop a human heart being rushed to a transplant patient by police helicopter.

With the nation’s media following every step of the dramatic journey to the capital’s hospital, efforts to get the organ to its destination in time for a life-saving operation almost came unstuck just metres from its destination.

Two medics dashing off the helicopter tip the cooler containing the heart over onto the pavement.

Scooping it off the ground with their bare hands, the men placed the organ back in its icy storage leaving a bag of saline on the ground behind them as they rushed towards the operating room.

Despite the mishap the doctor in charge of the operation was not too concerned.

He told reporters: “It was a trip on one of the potholes on the road. It’s arrival was a bit scary but fortunately it all went well. Because we had the heart perfectly protected as it was packed in three layers.”

According to Mexico City daily Reforma, the operation was a success and the patient is responding well to the new heart.

Via Telegraph