AirMule – an unmanned flying ambulance


AirMule – flying ambulance drone

Every second counts in a medical emergency. That’s why Urban Aeronautics, an Israeli startup, is developing an unmanned flying ambulance called the “AirMule” that combines the in-and-out agility of a helicopter with the ability to perform rescues in dense urban environments that are difficult to manuever through in a rotor-based vehicle. (Video)



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911 Emergency & Traffic Alerts make emergency transportation safer, more efficient

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911 Emergency & Traffic Alerts the motoring public of RESPONDING emergency vehicles in their area, via GPS, SmartPhones e.g. “Warning emergency vehicle approaching from (rear, right, etc.), Amber Alerts, and emergency evacuations for wild land fires, tornadoes, floods, etc., including routes to safety. 911 Emergency & Traffic Alerts will be one of the outstanding exhibitors at the 8th annual DaVinci Inventor Showcase on October 13, 2012 at the Denver Merchandise Mart.

Company president  Juan Gutierrez took a moment to answer a few quick questions about his product, his vision for safer emergency transportation and safety in general…

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In Case of Emergency, eat this book


You never know when that time might be NOW!

After you’ve foolishly walked away from your Land Rover to explore a mirage in the Arabian desert, you’ve found yourself lost. What to do?

Thank goodness for this survival guide that explains how to keep yourself alive with tips on dealing with scorching temperatures, building shelters, lighting a fire and so on. The best thing is: you can eat the book!

Actually the whole thing is a clever ad campaign by Y&R Dubai ad agency for Land Rover…

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SpareOne – a emergency cellphone with a 15 year standby time



Nursing your smartphone’s short battery life can be a real nightmare when waiting to be rescued after your car breaks down.  But, with Xpal Power (the company behind Energizer and PowerSkin) that may not be much of a problem.  They have developed the SpareOne, a super-cheap phone that runs from a single AA Battery and will reputedly maintain its charge for up to fifteen years.

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