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Skunk Juice magnetic ear buds

At CES in Las Vegas this past week I “Got Hooked Up” with Skunk Juice magnetic connecting ear buds. These earbuds are great for kids or adults who want to hook up with their friends’ music or videos.(Pics)

Unlike other earbuds, you can connect your earbuds magnetically with your friends. If one of your friends walks away with the earbud still in his ears they just come apart without damaging the ears of the person you are connected to. This is great accessory for people who travel with families on airplanes or in the car or couples who watch movies on airplanes. You don’t have to share one earbud with your family member. Each person has his/her own set of earbuds so each person can watch the same video, movie or can listen to the same music. The earbuds come packaged as a set of two in black, white or bling.




Article by Deb Frey, Editor for Impact Lab