android users

You should start pursuing Android users if you are hoping to get some naughty action soon.  Android users are more likely to have sex on the first date than those who use iPhone or BlackBerry devices, according to a recent survey.

Venture Beat reports that a survey commissioned by dating site focused on the dating habits of iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry users (or — more specifically — iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry users who happen to be single and Canadian). And while correlation certainly doesn’t imply causation — purchasing an Android device won’t make someone suddenly get the urge to leap into bed — the survey results are certainly bound to raise an eyebrow.

Of the individuals surveyed, 62 percent of Android users said they’ve had sex after the first date, suggesting that they’re “most likely to be seduced” right away. In comparison, 57 percent of iPhone users and 48 percent of BlackBerry users admitted to hanky-panky on the first romantic outing.

Of course, while Android users appear to be the quickest movers, it’s worth noting that an older survey — this one by OKCupid — found that they tend to have the lowest number of lifetime sexual partners.

It’s possible that those particular statistics might be out of date at this point though — they were originally published in 2010, when not nearly as many people had Android phones — because the survey suggest that Android users are also most likely to have one-night stands.



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