Colorado’s savvy entrepreneurs and highly skilled workforce make it a perfect location for a new satellite patent office.

Colorado is a hub for economic innovation. Colorado has some of the most savvy entrepreneurs, a highly skilled workforce and an array of top-tier research institutions that help make Colorado a place where innovation thrives.

These things make Colorado a perfect location for a new satellite patent office.  A coalition of Coloradans, including my senior advisor for business affairs, have hand delivered a comprehensive report to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that makes the case for why Colorado should be home to a new satellite office.

If Colorado is selected, it would mean hundreds of new jobs for Coloradans and even more indirect jobs. It would bring an estimated overall economic impact of nearly $440 million over the first five years alone. For more information on why Colorado is the best choice for a new satellite patent office, click here to read a one-page summary.

With your help and support, we can bring a new satellite patent office to Colorado that will further our position as a place where innovation and job creation can thrive. Please sign the petition and show your support for a Colorado patent office.

Sign the petition here.

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