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A new study finds that 3-year-olds with ‘under-controlled’ personalities were twice as likely to be compulsive gamblers 30 years later.

Please take note parents: Moody and restless toddlers are more likely than other tots to turn into impulsive gamblers in adulthood, a new study has claimed.

Looking at the lives of over 900 New Zealanders, a team from the University of Missouri found that three-year old kids with this so-called under-controlled personality were twice as likely as those with well-adjusted temperaments to be problem gamblers three decades later.

The findings, appeared in journal Psychological Science, showed that these characteristics during preschool years are predictive of gambling problems in adulthood which can be controlled through early interventions, Live Science reported.

“It fits into a larger story about how self-control in early childhood is related to important life outcomes in adulthood,” said Wendy Slutske, who led the study. Slutske and her team examined data from a longitudinal study of a birth cohort in New Zealand. Scientists categorized 1,037 three year-olds as having one of five temperaments: confident, inhibited, reserved, under-controlled or well adjusted.

Via Times of India