A top Space Department official in India said on Saturday that India is all set to give the go-ahead for an ambitious mission to Mars, expected in November next year

“A lot of studies have been done on the possible mission to Mars”, the secretary in the Department of Space and chairman of Indian Space Research Organisation K Radhakrishnan, told reporters here. “We have come to the last phase of approvals”, he said.

“And I am sure that, maybe soon, we will be hearing an announcement on the Mars mission”.

According to ISRO officials, a significant amount of work on the planned Mars mission has been completed and scientific payloads have been short-listed.

The project report for Indian Mars orbiter mission has been submitted for government approval. The mission envisages launching an orbiter around Mars using Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-XL). The orbiter will be placed in an orbit of 500 x 80,000 km around MARS and will have a provision to carry nearly 25 kg of scientific payloads on-board.

The tentative scientific objective for the Mars mission will be to focus on life, climate, geology, origin, evolution and sustainability of life on the planet,? according to ISRO. Scientific payloads have been short-listed by ISRO’s Advisory Committee for Space Sciences (ADCOS) review committee. Baseline, solar array and reflector configuration of the satellite have been finalised, the Bangalore-headquartered space agency said.

Photo credit: Emperon

Via The Times of India