More and more Americans are growing increasingly skeptical of the American dream.

A new Rasmussen Reports poll finds that 14 percent of American adults believe children these days will enjoy a better life than their parents did, an all-time low.

The survey also reveals that 65 percent do not expect today’s children to be better off than their parents, while 21 percent aren’t sure what to expect.

Meanwhile, more and more Americans are growing increasingly skeptical of the American dream in general.

Specifically, 28 percent believe it is still possible for anyone in the United States to work hard and get rich. This is a decrease from 35 percent last month and the lowest finding since June of last year. Fifty-seven percent don’t think it is possible to work hard and get ahead, but another 14 percent are not sure.

Consumer sentiment, meanwhile, hit a new low for the year, according to the Thomson Reuters/University of Michigan’s survey of consumers. The final reading on the overall index of consumer sentiment fell to 72.3 in July from 73.2 in June, Reuters reported.

July’s reading represented the second month in a row sentiment has gotten worse and the lowest level since December.

“While consumers do not anticipate an economywide recessionary decline, they do not expect a pace of economic growth that could satisfactorily revive job and income prospects,” said survey director Richard Curtin, according to Reuters.

“Moreover, consumers have become increasingly convinced that current economic policies are incapable of solving the underlying problems facing the economy.”

Photo credit: Marathon Pundit