Dash by Devium maximizes your phone’s musical potential.

Smartphones are evolving at a fantastic rate. New phones with increased capability hit the market every 3-4 months. Traditional car stereos cannot keep up. To leverage consumers investment in their smart phone, Devium created a new class of car stereo, The Dash Platform.

Dash is a platform that grows with the customer, allowing our users to take advantage of a phone’s power capabilities while continuing to have access to traditional car audio experiences. Dash has HD AM/FM broadcast radio options as well as hands free calling capabilities that allows users to work with and listen to every app on the phones platform, auxiliary input or preamp out while also charging the phone.

Devium is one of the featured exhibitors at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase, which takes place on Oct 13, 2012 at the Denver Merchandise Mart. This is your chance to experience Dash and many other amazing innovations.

Recently, Devium CEO Paul Lizer took a moment answer some questions about guerrilla marketing, the annoyance of inoperable stereos, and Kickstarter funding…


1. What was the defining moment that led you to create this product? What problem does it solve?

The stereo in my Nissan Xterra expired and I just purchased a Blackberry Storm. I found myself using the Storm to play music using my cup holder as a megaphone. I thought it would be great to just replace the inoperable stereo with the Storm as it was difficult to use the phone and drive safely.

2. After you came up with the idea, how did you size up the market and decide who your customers would be?

This took some time, I first had to learn how to make the product. The market research was done in parallel to the launch on Kickstarter and has evolved over time. Our Kickstarter success validated the idea and paved the path for the project to move forward.

3. How did you go about naming your product?

Dash came naturally for our platform

4. How long did it take you to create you initial prototype, and what problems did you run into along the way?

The initial prototype was made of wood and took several months of learning basic electrical engineering to build a minimal amp and 5V charging circuit. Then another three weeks to complete the wooden faceplate to dock the phone. From idea to completion, of the first prototype, took 7 months.

5. Funding a new idea is always tricky. How did you go about lining up the money you needed?

We started with Kickstarter. We wanted to validate Dash to determine if we should continue the effort of bringing it to market. Up to that point the project was funding personally. We are currently pursuing our next round of investment.

6. What all channels are you using to market your product?


We are using a guerrilla market strategy to build momentum from the ground up. As our marketing wave storms closer to launch we will increase funding and volume of our voice to draw on the success over the last year.

7. How many people do you currently have involved in your business?

We have 13 people on the team with another 4-5 supporting from legal, finance, and more.

8. How do you define success? What would hitting a “home run” look like in your mind?

When I pull up to a stop light, look around and spot Dash installed in another vehicle. Also, the moment our company becomes self-sustaining via sales.

9. Where do people go to find out more about your product?