The Sun Seeker Fire Blanket can handle super high temperatures without combusting.

SunSeeker Enterprises, Inc. offers 2 standard grades of ceramic and wool based fiber blankets, all of which are lightweight and thermally efficient, resulting in a material that possesses the advantages of low heat storage and complete resistance to thermal shock. The Sun Seeker Fire Blanket produces no smoke or fumes and is waterproof which prevents mold in commercial and residential structures.

Used in a variety of heat processing applications, these blankets are produced from high strength spun ceramic fiber and needled to provide exceptional handling strength. These blankets are completely inorganic, comprised of Silica, Alumina and interwoven sintered ceramic fiber cloth, and are available in a variety of densities, thicknesses, widths, and temperature ratings: High-Alumina Grade: Continuous use up to 1200 °C (2192 °F) with a melting point over 2600F  and Zirconia grade: Continuous use up to 1593 °C (2900 °F) with a melting point over 3000F.

SunSeeker Enterprises is one of the featured exhibitors at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase, which takes place on Oct 13, 2012 at the Denver Merchandise Mart. This is your chance to find out how much heat the Sun Seeker Fire Blanket can handle first hand, plus see a wide variety of other amazing products and innovations!

Recently, James Moseley took a moment to answer some questions about wildfire fire problems for homes, the many commercial applications of this technology and the fire ravaged areas of Colorado Springs…

1. What was the defining moment that led you to create this product? What problem does it solve?

It was watching someone hold the Fire Blanket over their arm and holding a 3000F blow torch on it while talking to me about it being on the Space Shuttle. I thought this simple blanket could be the solution to burning embers on roofs, attics, windows, etc. Then the fires struck Colorado Springs and a lot of key people embraced it.

2. After you came up with the idea, how did you size up the market and decide who your customers would be?

There were so many possible applications. We are in development with SOM, the new World Trade Center Architects, Populous, LA County FD, etc. However, after touring Colorado Springs fire ravaged areas street by street. I decided that these big commercial applications are great, however I saw a more immediate need for all homeowners in fire prone  areas.

3. How did you go about naming your product?

The ability for our blanket to confront fire and radiant heat and keep whats on the other side cool.

4. How long did it take you to create you initial prototype, and what problems did you run into along the way?

The blanket in its native state had been around for years, however the specific applications had not. It took less than a year to find new solutions to wildfire fire problems for homes. There were only two challenges that we had to face. Strong winds associated with fires and the extra expense people would have to incur to protect their homes. Few people care about protecting their homes until the fire is in their back yard.

5. Funding a new idea is always tricky. How did you go about lining up the money you needed?

I’ve been self funded from the start. Looking for funding for major expansion that is on the near horizon.

6. Is this a product you’d like to produce and sell yourself, or are you wanting to license it to someone else? And if so, who?

We are selling it ourselves. Open to licensing to roofing and window manufacturers.

7. What all channels are you using to market your product?

Personal outflow and word of mouth. Website. You Tube.

8. How many people do you currently have involved in your business?


9. How do you define success? What would hitting a “home run” look like in your mind?

Having our product mandated into all new building and housing fire codes.

10. Where do people go to find out more about your product?

By going to Sunseekerfireblanket.com, however we are keeping it more one on one with developers, builders, etc., to gain quiet momentum. Just call us. 818-486-4662.