Do you have last minute Holiday Cards to send out?  Well, here’s an ingenious new option – Foldagram.

Foldagram is a self-mailing, self-standing picture with a personal message.  Just go online to Foldagram, create your card, and  they will send it to your address list instantly.

Foldagram was the brainchild of Jordan Bundy.

“For the longest time, I wanted to find a way to make photo prints special,” said Jordan. “With other types of art, such as sculptures and paintings, there is a value from the difficulty of producing the work. With photography, it is so simple to make prints, the value is diminished. I was struggling with how to make a print exciting, how to send it effortlessly, how it would be displayed, and all these problems became the solution. An idea for a single unit that addressed all these issues came to me, and after several prototypes became Foldagram. The product and service make it easy to send real mail and photos, to display those pictures without magnets or frames, and to take communication off of digital networks and into the real world without a hassle.”

Check it out. Foldagram may be the perfect solution to your boring holiday greeting cards.

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