Each post is seen by one in three Facebook “friends.”

Do you know who saw the picture you posted on Facebook or what you posted on your timeline?  More of your Facebook “friends” saw what you posted than the average Facebook user realizes, according to a study done by data scientists at Facebook.



On average, each post was seen by one in three Facebook “friends,” according to an analysis of 220,000 Facebook users’ posts last June. Over the course of that month, users reached an average of 61 percent of their friends.

The study also asked Facebook users about their perceptions of how many people they reached with their posts and concluded that they “consistently underestimate” their audience size. It was carried out by a Stanford University computer scientist, Michael S. Bernstein, and three members of the company’s data science team — Eytan Bakshy, Moira Burke and Brian Karrer.

The company often tweaks its proprietary algorithm to adjust how posts show up on the news feeds of Facebook friends. This has been the subject of some argument, including on this blog.

The study is to be presented at an academic conference next month.

Photo credit: Digital Trends

Via New York Times