Amsterdam’s canal house will be the first 3D printed house in the world.

The Dutch studio DUS Architects is planning on developing the first 3D-printed house which is meant to become a full-size canal house in Amsterdam, alongside the Buiksloter-canal. The process will be made possible by employing a special printer called the KamerMaker. “This year we want to print the entire facade and the first room bit by bit. Then in the following months and years we will print other rooms.”-architect Hedwig Heinsman explained. (Pics)



According to the project developers, the first floors and facades of the house will be printed from polypropylene, but the architects hope to eventually use bioplastics and plastic recycled on-site. The KamerMaker ( Dutch for “room maker”), is 3.5 metres high and constantly sits inside a shipping container. Each building part will be printed and tested at a scale of 1:20 before being printed at a 1:1 scale with the KamerMaker. The resulting 3D printed Canal House will serve as a hub for further 3D architecture research- and more surprising projects!

Via Freshome