Phil Watts conducting an experiment

Working day and night in his backyard workshop, energy pioneer Phil Watts has developed a significant number of breakthrough power technologies, but none quite as significant as the “virtual battery.”

The Virtual Battery Hybrid is an aggregation of 4 technologies; Thermoelectric power generation, solar thermal, ground loops and Nanofluid heat transfer fluid. This technology is currently part of the Colorado Innovation Challenge where people can vote on their favorite energy technology.

120 degree Solar heated water is generated on a Coaxial collector that is patent pending, that reduces roof top costs by 92%. A ground loop provides 55 degree water. The water in hot and cold confined tubes is charged with the 7 cents per 100 gallons of nanofluid, patent pending. The difference in temperature generates DC Voltage in the Thermoelectric Generator, patent granted 8,277,682. – This makes up the Virtual Battery Hybrid

The system can be scaled to power needs. Very low shipping costs because the water is found at the site and the Coaxial collector is all plastic and weighs 22 ounces per 4 foot section. The Coaxial collector is shipped in a 4 foot box 1 foot square. Infinite cycles with the VBH as compared to most other batteries of 200 to 2,000 cycles. The VBH has no expensive and toxic recovery when the battery is decommissioned.

Virtual Battery Hybrid (VBH) solves the energy storage dilemma. The perfect battery, achieved through Hybrid design. The ideal battery storage system incorporates all of a battery’s Pro’s and few of its Con’s. We have seen the fantastic results from hybrid designs derived from actual hybrid thinking. The VBH never needs replacement. Imagine owning your first life-time battery. Below is a tabulation of the Virtual Battery’s characteristics:

  • Infinite cycles not like the 200 cycle life of legacy batteries
  • Non Toxic
  • No reclamation costs since the VBH uses plain water
  • No corrosion problems
  • Zero freight costs since the VBH fills up with site water
  • Affordable 70% less life time costs
  • No Maintenance a perfect leased battery system
  • Scaleable to most requirements
  • Can be charged from industrial Low Quality Waste heat down to 109 F