ThinkerThing, a Chile-based startup, has invented technology that can ‘read’ a person’s thoughts via neurosensory tech.


The ThinkerThing prototype utilizes an ‘EmotivEPOC headset’ that is able to ‘read’ the user’s brainwaves. It can also detect emotion, facial expression and is able to translate a person’s conscious thoughts.

While wearing the headset, users are presented a set of design elements on a screen in front of them. As they react to what they are seeing, they can “guide the software to add or discard elements until the object resembles what they had in mind,” before printing out the creation.

ThinkerThing’s first ‘thought-up object’ is a toy monster designed by founder George Laskowsky. For now, the startup will focus on the youthful thoughts of Chile’s young children, encouraging them to believe that they can make “fantastical creatures of the mind,” a reality.

If this invention reaches further advancement, would it really serve to make the design process more accurate? Or are ‘mind-reading’ techniques such as these, not quite the way you think the design process should head towards?

Via Taxi