Google Glass

Google Glass will be getting its very own app store next year. The news was first revealed in a New York Times Magazine piece this past weekend. Since then, Google has confirmed it to the blog Marketing Land.



It’s expected that the Glass app store will debut next year, and as Times writer Clive Thompson notes, a 2014 launch date for the store does makes sense because Glass will be available to the general public by that time.

Will the Glass app store stand on its own, or be integrated into Google Play? What will the process to get apps listed in the store be like? These are among the many questions that have yet to be answered.

The addition of an actual app store and wider Glass adoption should only cause an exponential growth in the cool ways people use Google’s wearable tech. We’ve already seen it hacked to fly a drone, used to live stream a surgery and leveraged as a virtual tour guide.

What’s next?

Photo credit: Cnet

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